Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) is the most frequent complication of extreme prematurity and its frequency is still increasing, so our mission is to create a National Registry of the disease, and homogenize its definition. Also we will promote a better knowledge of BPD to improve prevention and therapy and research. To better assure this, we have created a national working group of neonatologists and pediatric pulmonologists with the backing of the Spanish Society of Neonatology (SENeo), the Spanish Society of Pediatric Pneumology (SENP) and the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR).



  • To establish and use a uniform definition of BPD.
  • To create a national registry of BPD.
  • To follow up and investigate the medium and long-term consequences of BPD.
  • To start a program to promote a clinical and basic research in BPD.
  • To standardize criteria and establish recommendations for monitoring BPD
  • To provide a basis of recommendations for prevention, care and management of BPD patients.
  • To promote the awareness of the disease in all pediatric areas.
  • To establish links of collaboration with the industry in issues related to promotion of research on prevention, care and management of BPD.
  • To collaborate with organizations of parents of children with BPD in order to promote care and the measures to prevent sequels.
  • To develop and publish epidemiological reports and guide recommendations for BPD.


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Institute Foundation for the Improvement of Health Care (IMAS Foundation)


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